Sometimes it takes a second attempt

„I am from Brilon in the Sauerland [German region]. Every once in a while, I like to return there. I appreciate the silence. But in my line of work, there aren’t any opportunities there.

I always wanted to work in the media. It used to be the movies, now it’s music. My goal is to compose for a movie. When I came to Cologne 14 years ago, I began working for a TV production. A few years later, at age 24, I became a junior director. I asked myself “Is that what you want to do in ten, twenty years?” and I decided: No. Even though it is a creative profession, it was too little creative. I depended on TV stations, on editors… I had the feeling, I had to compromise too often.

So i made a second attempt, with music. It used to be my hobby for a long time. So, for two or three years, I did casual jobs and made music, until I was able to earn money with my music.

My music is a combination of different styles of electronic music. It sounds experimental and is also influenced by pop music. I like to add vocals as well. I work with singers or I sing myself. In total, it is very melodious.

I organised my first parties at Club Subway. Those were the „Like“-parties. It used to be fun for a few years. But when I was pushing 30, I thought: Do I still want to organize events, when I’m grey-haired? In my opinion, the transition from “pretty cool“ to „poor sod“ can happen quickly. I didn’t want to miss the right time to quit. So I ended the parties, although many people said „You must be crazy, all works well.“ So, even if others say „You can be satisfied“, sometimes I am not.

Then the club „Reineke Fuchs“ opened, where I am in charge of the booking of DJs. My work is a combination of desk work, studio work and creative work – and everything is connected to music. I am very satisfied with that. I enjoy that it is not all about me anymore. At the „Fuchs“ I can organise an event without people knowing that it is my event. As a DJ, I work at the club not more than once a month. But I have a gig in another city or another country every two weeks.

My weeks are pretty two-parted now. During the week, I am very disclipined, I do sports, I walk the dog and go to bed early – sometimes at 10 pm. I consider myself very unspectacular then. If somebody says „Join us for a glass of wine“, I reply „No, it’s late already.“ At the weekend, it’s different. I don’t go to bed earlier than 7 am. My body has become used to it.

I love Cologne, but only, because I get away twice a month. That makes me notice, how much I like to return. When I spent my time only in Cologne and things were not yet working out well, I was going stir-crazy. But at that time, I was frustrated myself, because I didn’t know, if I had made the right decision. People often blame somebody else for their own insecurity. And when there is nobody else to blame, there is still the city. But I think, life is what you make of it yourself. Here, you have the opportunity to realize your full potential in all kinds of fields.

My favourite places are near the club and near home. I like Aachener Weiher, Stadtgarten and Brüsseler Platz. Also, I like to visit Odonien and sometimes I go to the Südstadt [a disctrict south of central Cologne]. Mostly, I stay within a certain radius. Maybe that is, because I am from a small city.“

David Hasert (32) is a DJ and music producer. He runs the record label „Like“ and is in charge of the booking at the club „Reineke Fuchs“.

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