She cleans up the beach

“From 2013 to 2014 I travelled the world. I have been to 40 countries in my life so far. When I travel, I never stay in cities too long. After a few days, I need to experience nature, landscapes, the sea. I love the sea, because I find tranquility there as well as inspiration for my work as a designer.

During my world trip I started my blog, because I like taking pictures and asked myself: Where to put all this material? Should it only be seen by friends and family? I guess I can’t be on the road and not be creative, that is due to my profession.

What was new to me about blogging was the extensive writing. I continued that ever since my journey. And I noticed: I need something to commit myself to. I am very much into marine protection now. It is unbelievable and sad how much trash there is in the sea. During my journeys I organise beach-clean-ups. I gather tourists and locals and together we clean up the beach. I am going to Lissabon and Hawaii next.”

Yvonne Rundio (34) is a designer and author of the blog Somewhere Else.